Top Destinations to Visit this Summer

Top Destinations to Visit this Summer

It’s been a while since we have been able to plan a vacation but as the country has started to open up there are some great travel deals to be had.  While international travel may be a bit more difficult there are still some great spots to check out this summer.  The only question is what are the top destinations to visit this summer?


While typically a winter vacation destination, it is one of the best places to visit this summer.  Disney has finally reopened this spring.  It is a great treat for kids that have missed having fun over the past year, not to mention there are some great deals on tickets to be had.  If theme parks are not your thing then don’t forget the thousands of miles of white sandy beaches that Florida is famous for.  Here is a look at how the reopening is going over at Disney in Orlando. 

Las Vegas

If you want some grown-up fun after the past year then Vegas is waiting for you.  Airline and hotel fares both have some amazing deals this summer, with most at least 20% lower than pre-pandemic prices. Casinos are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe while at the same time giving visitors a ton of fun.


If you have your heart set on leaving the country even if it is only for a weekend then Mexico is one of the few options you have.  Cabo and Cancun are seeing a rise in tourism from the US.  Enjoy a Corona while sitting on the beach.

The Dakotas

If you’re not quite ready for crowds or you simply want to enjoy the great outdoors then head to the Dakotas and check out some of the National Parks.  There are some fantastic lakes with cool, clear water for fishing.  The scenery is amazing and it is one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the country. 


Again if you want to avoid crowds and have always dreamt of visiting Alaska then now is the time.  You probably won’t be able to book an Alaskan cruise but flights are cheap and there is plenty to do.  There are hiking trails with stunning views, local craft breweries in Anchorage and the national parks are worth visiting. 

After this past year we all deserve a break away from home.  While international travel may not really be abailable yet, there are still some cool places you can check out this summer.  Pack up the car and head out on a road trip at the very least.